• Research conducted over a four year period with participating building and construction companies from Europe found that:
  • The BLSC integrates traditional classroom style learning with a simulated building site and feedback workshops, providing participants with invaluable experience.
  • Simulation learning immerses your team to the challenges of a real building site without the risk of injuries, cost blow outs and delays or defects. This in turn ensures your projects are safer, quicker and more cost effective.
  • Provides your company with a competitive edge as employees gain much desired onsite construction experience which cannot be learnt in a traditional training forum.
  • Participants apply their newly learned skills and knowledge within a work-like pressured environment.
  • Learning is accelerated through implementation, evaluation and feedback sessions.
  • Allows employees the confidence to experience, tackle and solve issues on site when it really does matter.

Monash University Confirms the Benefits of Simulation Learning

Monash University recently assessed the impact of experiential and simulation-based learning in the Australian Building and Construction industry. Their findings can be found in this report.