These videos provide an insight into how the BLSC can help you perform your work and get the most out of your team.

Featuring tours of the facility, details on courses and insights into what it could mean for your business, the videos will show you the benefits it can provide to ensure your building projects are successful stories.

Ideal Builder Engagement Program

James Hardie and Natbuild engaged the BLSC to create and co-deliver a fully customised training program designed to help participants better understand, communicate and engage with their customers. As you will see the outcomes achieved have been amazing.

A Training Revolution

Focusing on enhancing leadership, communication, decision-making and problems solving skills, the BLSC utilises technology that has helped European builders reduce OHS incidents, improve construction quality and cut building costs.

Behind the Scenes Tour of the BLSC in Melbourne, Australia

A revolution for training in the building and construction industry, the BLSC can help you get the most out of your team. Featuring a 15-metre parabolic screen, 12 site sheds and a team of specialist actors, the BLSC immerses participants in a building environment free of risks such as defects, delays, cost overruns and injury.

Behind the Scenes Tour of the BMSC in Coventry, UK

Phil Hughes, Managing Director from PRH Construction Services Ltd, discusses how the construction industry has changed in the past 38 years. See how the UK courses are delivered with a behind the scenes tour of the centre, which is located in Coventry.

From The Ground Up

Experience the BLSC journey, from building plans to a fully furnished training facility. Having witnessed the success of simulation training in Europe, Master Builders was committed in bringing the technology to Australia so that local businesses across the country could access world-leading business solutions.

Simulation Centre Announcement for Melbourne, Australia

The year 2000 saw the opening of the first Building Management Simulation Centre in the world, located in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. After six years of development and fundraising, the success of the centre expanded to Coventry, UK and Melbourne, Australia.