Working together with industry leaders

Leading building and construction companies from across Australia are getting on board the training revolution. They have recognised the profound potential the BLSC offers in developing the skills of their workforces and enhancing their ability to achieve their corporate goals.
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The BLSC will empower our team to assist in identifying our company’s future leaders. By using leading training solutions we will be better placed to deliver modern, complex building projects of the highest quality. The BLSC will help us ensure our team uses best-practice methods to resolve problems on a real site and ensure Baulderstone retains our position as an industry leader.
- Shayne Young, Construction Manager, Baulderstone
New training methods are needed to make sure we get the most out of our team and meet the needs of our clients in an environment that presents new challenges to building and construction. The BLSC will provide our business with a great way to test and enhance the efficiency, accountability and responsibility of our team. It should have great flow on benefits for the way in which we work with our suppliers and trades. 
- Adam Siegel, General Manager, Victorian Building Support & Business Improvement Group, Metricon Homes
Our partnership with the BLSC is characterised by flexibility and overwhelmingly positive feedback from our employees. The interactive learning environment, combined with open and honest feedback from facilitators, provided our employees with tangible development outcomes.
- Kathryn Farnell, National Learning & Development Manager, John Holland
The guys have raved about the course. They said the reenactment was fantastic, the set up of the learning environment was great and the trainer was really good as well.
- Heather Curnow, Employee Services Manager, Ducon
The training will provide you with the knowledge, self awareness and understanding to become a better person and professional in our ever demanding industry. I would highly recommend any of the training courses that are provided by the BLSC for any industry group as the facilities are world class.
- Rino Colaci, Project Manager, Hickory Group

Overall the participants thought that the BLSC was a valuable and practical way of learning. It left the p articipants in a buzz of enthusiasm. Just this morning a participant came to tell me he applied a win-win approach to a situation not a few hours ago, and it paid off! So we are already seeing benefit.
- Brigit Abdulnour, Employee Relations Manager, Winslow Group

I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for creating our sales workshop held at the BLSC. The opportunity to create the program from a blank sheet of paper and deliver a first class 'real play' event was outstanding and is a credit to your team in the creativity of developing a unique program to suit our needs. The content has created a great deal of energy within our team and generally within Bunnings to cover a wider section of our national team.
- Darren Pye, State Sales Manager (Vic/Tas/SA) Commercial, Bunnings
Simulation training isn’t something most small businesses could usually access, but the BLSC provides tremendous capacity for companies like mine to provide our staff with the type of valuable, proven training that will enhance the competitive position of our business by allowing us to deliver projects better, safer and faster. 
- Michael Nikolovski, Director, Build2grow
Overall best training course I’ve attended. The knowledge I have received made me more aware of my communication habits and I will use it to develop my ability to handle situations.
- Edward Freeland, Project Manager, Cockram Construction
I believe it is the way to go. As hard as it would be to set up a real life scenario, the BLSC has done well. I would do it again and recommend it to others.
- Lars Jensen, Site Manager, Hallmarc
I thought the whole experience was a great way
of learning/teaching.
- Leigh McGregor, Site Supervisor, Becon
On behalf of the Higgins Coatings team, I would like to extend a big thank you for a fantastic couple of days of training in the facility. The response from our team has been overwhelmingly positive with many great comments from the operations teams since returning to work.
- Nick Higgins, National Operations Manager, Higgins Coating

Overall, an excellent facility and experience.
- Scott Jellis, Project Coordinator, Probuild