What is simulation training?

Simulation training is based on the premise, 'We learn by doing'. Through its global partners, Master Builders is seizing the opportunity to provide a learning environment that will focus on critical thinking, action and reaction.

Imagine a training centre that could assist supervisors and managers to make decisions based on clear thinking and your organisation’s business objectives. By immersing participants into a realistic, simulated work environment we can use everyday building site issues to observe how your team deals with these challenges. We can then train and retrain the best actions and reactions of participants. Our control room observers are part of a team that provides critical feedback that will enable your business to raise the benchmark for your current and future leaders.

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Why simulation learning?

Master Builders has been researching different learning techniques from across the world that could assist building businesses here to boost the skills of their teams. That’s when we came across simulation learning, which provides the closest possible experiences to real building sites and the issues faced by supervisors and managers today.

After visits to building industry simulation centres in the United Kingdom and Amsterdam, we spoke to large-scale builders Balfour Beatty (UK) and Royal BAM Group (Amsterdam). We heard remarkable stories about the success of this type of training and decided it had to be made available in Australia so that businesses here could access a new weapon in boosting the skills of their workforces. We believe simulation training is the best resource for businesses looking to develop intuitive, resourceful and proactive leaders.

What is involved with a BLSC course?

Courses commonly run between one and two days at the BLSC. Each day is made up of two sessions, each of which is comprised of two scenarios faced on a building site.

After receiving a project briefing, participants work in our simulated construction site and site sheds. Specialist actors play the parts of co-workers, union officials, angry neighbours, building inspectors, disgruntled contractors and difficult clients as they work to solve issues at the virtual construction site.

Feedback is provided from our trained actors, specialist observers and then through a 360° feedback session with all participants.  Your team can then use this feedback to renavigate through our site scenarios, using the skills they learn to deliver better outcomes.

Our simulations and scenarios cover both residential and commercial building to ensure a realistic environment is created for all participants. The trained and experienced staff at the BLSC are experts in human behaviour. Their role includes monitoring each participant closely to ensure learning outcomes are achieved in a controlled environment.

BLSC courses are designed to demonstrate to your team the role that leadership can play in delivering successful projects, contributing to your organisation’s bottom line. We believe your current and future leaders can best serve your needs by exposing them to immersive, intensive experiences that will provide invaluable communication and problem-solving skills.

Who should be trained at the BLSC?

The BLSC specialises in training aimed at the current and future leaders of your business. This includes site supervisors, managers and foremen through to apprentices and graduates as well as subcontractors and suppliers.

The BLSC has trained over 1000 participants since opening in 2012. Courses are specifically tailored to suit all roles and levels of experience within the building and construction industry. To assist you in finding the right course for you or your employees, please refer to our Industry Skills Matrix.

Is the BLSC only relevant to people within the Building and Construction Industry?

No. The BLSC has tailored a number of courses for companies outside of the building and construction industry. Our instructional designer will work with you to identify your specific training needs. Further information can be found under customised solutions.

Does the BLSC have nearby accommodation?

 Yes. The BLSC has negotiated a preferred supplier deal with the Hilton Melbourne South Wharf at a discounted rate of 15 per cent. Alternative accommodation is also available within close proximity to the BLSC for your convenience. This map will show you nearby accommodation.